Theme Versions & Updates

Savory - 1.5.1 | 3.15.13

  • Updated theme to support the new Twitter Widget
  • Updated Audio Post for Soundcloud and Spotify
  • Instagram Profile link now directs to Instagram profile instead of Gramfeed profile

Savory - 1.5.1 | 2.20.13

  • Updated the video feature embed to address Tumblr’s recent changes.

Savory 1.4.0 | 04.12.2012

  • Spotify - Added support for the new Spotify player on audio posts.
  • Pinterest - Added Pinterest’s ‘pin it’ button to sharing features.
  • Share Buttons - Updated the Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus share buttons for better performance
  • HTML5 - Changed method for detecting HTML5 compatibility and support for outdated browsers.
  • Lightbox - Added Lightbox support for images without links.
  • Minor updates and fixes

Savory 1.3.0 | 12.15.2011

  • Open Graph - Now when people like or %2B1 your posts it will not only share the post but the video and images with that post. Making it easier to share your content all over the different social networks.
  • Tumblr - Better support for the new Tumblr customize menu
  • Minor updates and fixes

Savory 1.2.0 | 08.01.2011

  • Photosets - Updated Savory to support the new Tumblr photoset grid with support for the layout options. These now work flawlessly at all three sizes - xs, default and xl.
  • Photosets - Added a Lightbox to view images in high resolution.
  • Google Plus - Added new Google %2B1 to the share options
  • Social Icons - Added Google Plus, Pinterest and Spotify
  • Improved rendering on an iPhone & iPad
  • Reordered appearance options to prevent settings from moving while editing the theme HTML
  • Updated Isotope to the latest 1.4 version
  • Firefox 3.6 improvements
  • Compressed javascript files to reduce filesize
  • Minor updates and fixes

Savory 1.1.0 | 04.01.2011

  • Typekit - added support and options to set the body and title fonts.
  • Social Icons - now you can add links to various social sites from Customize > Apperance
  • Sidebar - there is a new option to allow the sidebar elements to be visible on post permalink pages
  • Twitter - fixed the issue with status links
  • Titles - improved the site title for tag results pages
  • Additional minor fixes and updates

Savory 1.0.1 | 01.05.2011

  • Likes - Added the option to set the number of liked posts to display on the sidebar up to the Tumblr maximum of 10.
  • Twitter - New appearance option to set the number of tweets to display in the sidebar.
  • Pages - Removed the notes, comments and share buttons that were incorrectly showing on ask, submit and static pages.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

Savory 1.0 | 10.08.2010

  • The first version of Savory has been submitted to Tumblr.